Sonic recently announced their new Pickle Juice Slush and you’d be surprised at how many folks are here for it. The pickle flavored drink isn’t the only yucky, outlandish flavor on the market. Check out more ridiculously disgusting food flavors.  

Road rage happens everyday, B. But an incident that involves a Slurpee? Then it gets interesting. A Michigan woman was arrested for shooting her gun after a fellow motorist threw the frozen treat in her face, the NY Daily News reports. When cops arrested India Marchea McDougal, she told authorities that she fired off a shot because she […]

Beyonce had everyone acting silly and running for Slurpees last week when she dropped her video for “7/11” and posted a couple of pictures of her drinking the official drink of brain freeze. TMZ hit up the execs at 7-Eleven to see if it was a marketing tactic, but it seems like the pic was […]