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The iPhone 6S was released just last month, but people are already looking toward what’s next.

Reports have surfaced that the iPhone 7 will be the thinnest iPhone yet; however, there are even more design changes in store. According to business blog Barrons, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster offered the following expectations for the 7, and his predictions generally ring true.

As far as design, Munster predicts that the introduction of 3D touch will mean doing away with the home button. The extra space could then be used for a larger screen, or simply a smaller device. Also, he says there’s a good chance that the touch ID sensor will be moved to the side of the phone.

Apple may also opt for a sapphire screen instead of glass, which means an improvement in the phone’s durability. Munster explains: “Since Apple now uses sapphire on the Apple Watch, it could make sense for them to adapt it to the phone.”

And although they still have yet to announce any improvements to their crappy chargers, Apple might have changes in mind for the iPhone’s battery life: “We believe battery life is one of the biggest areas of potential improvement and one that might be most welcomed by customers,” writes Munster.

We’re still a year out from the release of the iPhone 7, but it seems there’s a lot to look forward to.

SOURCE: Barrons, HighSnobiety | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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