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Timbaland appeared on ESPN’s First Take this past Tuesday to have a conversation with hosts Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, and Molly Qerim regarding the frequented debate of the greatest rapper of all time.

During the conversation, Timbaland pointed towards his favorites Tupac and Biggie, however he later affirmed that it’s naïve to pick one as times change.

“Well, I think both of them are not here today, and that’s Biggie Smalls and Tupac,” he says.

“There’s no ‘ever,’” Timbaland later adds when asked for a definitive answer. “You can’t say greatest ever because those are moments in our culture. So in that time of the ‘80s it might have been Rakim, KRS-One; all of those were the greatest at that moment. Then came the ‘90s [with] Big Daddy Kane… We got some good ones, you can’t just say one because everyone had a different story… Jay [Z] is my brother. So, I’ma put him always number one. But to ask me is kinda biased because I respect the music.”

The producer’s appearance on ESPN’s First Take can be viewed below.


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