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Lil Durk is fed up with the rappers of the world. Well, at least according to his new track “Industry.”

On the song, Durk raps about not enjoying the industry, mostly because of all the jealousy it brings out in fake people. His sentiments are made clear during the chorus, where he spits bars like, “Fake ass hoes, fake ass gold/Fake ass rappers, doing fake ass shows.”

Though Durk didn’t name any names, it’s clear his circle will not be getting any larger. But DeJ Loaf is the exception, as she played bae on their single, “My Beyonce.” Durk was also supposed to drop a new mixtape entitled 300 Days & 300 Nights in celebration of his 23rd birthday back on October 19.

While more info on that mixtape hasn’t been released, let his latest offering “Industry” hold you over.

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