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Legend has it; a well-tailored suit is to a woman, what lingerie is to a man. If that be true, our boy Justin Timberlake is out here for the kill.

There’s no doubt that everyone’s favorite ’90s boy band crush has now grown into one of Hollywood’s sexiest fashion icons. But in honor of his 35th birthday, take a moment to reflect on a simpler time in JT’s closet. A time when denim ran rampant and “the color purple” was used to reference the tint in sunglasses. Oh yeah, and who could forget the aluminum foil-wrapped jackets?

Let’s be honest, before deciding to never leave home without his “Suit and Tie,” Justin had his fair share of missed shots. Despite a decade of fashion faux pas, we loved him then and we love him now.

Happy birthday, JT! Click through the gallery below for some of Justin’s most memorable style moments.


The Style Evolution Of Justin Timberlake
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