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Grammy-winning songstress Ashanti confronted her stalker at Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday, begging him to stop.“You continuously tweeted over and over again disgusting, derogatory, disrespectful things to me after you had already gone to jail for doing the same thing,” she told Devar Hurd. “I wish you to stop. I just wish you to stop.” Hurd claimed to be in a romantic relationship with the singer. In 2009, he was convicted of stalking and harassing her and her family. “Ya’ll twisted and two-faced,” he said in court. “This will never happen again, believe that!” Hurd will do four years behind bars. He has been in jail since 2013. Read more.

New Study Shows College Presidents’ Perceptions of Racism on Campus

According to a new study conducted by the ACE’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy, many college and university presidents are cognizant of the problems that students of color encounter and are making the effort to evoke change. The study revealed that more than half of the presidents surveyed have a full-time administrator focused on promoting campus diversity. Some of the presidents also said they call for student affairs faculty, campus diversity committees, and legal guidance when handling racial issues. One president said: “Staying in close touch with those I serve is critically important. I use face-to-face meetings of various sizes, open forums, social media, and regular written messages to the campus. Maintaining a healthy campus climate where everything thrives requires hard work and openness to diverse perspectives every day.” Presidents still face hurdles regarding creating a diverse and relatable curriculum and diversifying faculty. Read more.

Hillary Clinton Ahead of Bernie Sanders in Missouri Democratic Primary

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders in Missouri’s Democratic presidential primary. Out of almost 620,000 votes, she is 1,500 votes ahead of Sanders. Since the margin is small, Sanders’ team is considering asking for a recount. Missouri has an open ballot, giving voters of any party the freedom to vote for whomever they choose. One of the state’s laws allows candidates to have a recount if the margin is less than 0.5 percent. On Saturday, Sanders held a rally in Springfield, Missouri. “The whole country thinks Missouri is a pretty conservative state,” he said before a crowd of 5,000 people. “Why don’t you all surprise them on Tuesday?” Read more.

Kalamazoo Shooter Files Lawsuit Against Uber

The Kalamazoo, Michigan shooter has taken his Uber allegations to the next level. Driver Jason Dalton, the man accused of killing six people last month while continuing to pick up passengers, has filed a $10 million federal civil rights lawsuit against the car service. “Uber doesn’t care about its drivers. We are peasants and pawn pieces to Uber’s bottom line,” he wrote in the two-page handwritten lawsuit. “I’m currently in prison because of Uber.” Uber released a statement in response to his accusations. “It’s hard to know how to respond to someone who refuses to take responsibility for his own actions,” Uber said in a statement. “Our hearts go out to the victims’ families who have to live with the consequences of his terrible crimes.” Dalton is currently facing 16 charges for the Feb. 20 shooting spree. He could be sentenced to life in prison. Read more.


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