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Old and new school hip-hop fans found themselves in the midst of a civil war when Meek Mill accused Drake of not writing his verse on their song, “Rico.” The debate was primarily centered on whether it mattered if Drake had a ghostwriter and if he did, what that meant regarding his legacy. Some felt Drake broke a cardinal rule. Others believed that so long as the music was good, it shouldn’t matter. VladTV asked Royce Da 5’9 about his thoughts on Drake’s potential ghostwriter and had this to say in response.

“When I first heard about it, I was like what? Drizzy not writing? Because he’s so fucking dope. But after looking back at it in retrospect, it’s a newer way of creating.”  

While he’s willing to concede that it’s a new way to create music, Royce does feel like the admission would carry some weight.

“The rules do have to change a little bit when you’re ranking these artists, where they stand as best lyricists… To me a lyricist is a writer,” he said. “You automatically can’t be a lyricist if you’re not writing everything.”

Check Royce’s interview for a more elaborate explanation of his feelings about ghostwriting in addition to his own history of ghostwriting for others.


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