With ghostwriting rumors swirling about the world’s biggest stars, Rackboy Cam educates you on the rules of the game.

The head Barb in charge set PND straight over the weekend and he's since replied.

Taylor felt slighted by Calvin after penning a major hit for him.

DJ Drama finally opened up about the role he played in Drake and Meek Mill's ghostwriting beef – and it turns out, it was a pretty big role.

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T-Pain recently weighed in on one of 2015’s biggest musical headlines regarding claims Drake used ghostwriters.

https://instagram.com/p/3nQvVGOhgW/ Twitter has been live AF this past week after Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift had it out (and patched it up) and Meek Mill tweeted about Drake so many times, that people thought he was hacked. Why would Meek Mill do the most to tarnish our beloved Champagne Papi’s reputation, you may ask? Good question. […]