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T-Pain recently weighed in on one of 2015’s biggest musical headlines regarding claims Drake uses ghostwriters.

During an interview with Hip-Hop Wired at this past weekend’s 2015 BET Hip-Hop Awards, T-Pain revealed his thoughts about artists collaborating to make songs.

“That’s been happening for years,” T-Pain said. “I mean, that’s been decades. So, the only thing I think people got shaken up about is if somebody says that they’re the best and they don’t say that, ‘I’m the best. I got the best team doing this. I’m collectively the best.’ Then it kinda gets like, ‘Oh, you lied. We found out you lied.’ It’s like a Milli Vanilli thing. They was the best singers for a while until we found out that they weren’t the singers. So, that’s pretty much all it is. It’s just if you create an illusion, be prepared for it to be put out. Be prepared for the illusion to be unmasked. It’s the unmasking of it that people found devastating. It wasn’t a big deal. People just felt lied to.”

If you somehow forgot, Meek Mill called out Drizzy for using ghostwriters earlier this summer, inciting the biggest hip-hop beef of the year so far. T-Pain’s interview with Hip-Hop Wired can be viewed above.

SOURCE: Hip-Hop Wired 

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