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A U.S. couple is gearing up to launch a female-only ride-sharing service.

Chariot For Women is set to make its debut in Boston next week. The female-only option is meant to serve as a safer alternative to Uber and will feature female drivers only accepting women and children as passengers. It will also include special safety features, such as thorough background checks.

Founder Michael Pelletz, a former Uber driver himself, said he developed the idea after his wife claimed she was too afraid to drive for Uber.

USA Today reports:

…Pelletz, who was an Uber driver for eight months, came up with the idea for this company after he picked up a male passenger who seemed like he was on the edge of a drug overdose.

“What if I was a woman?” [Mr Pelletz] thought, “How would a woman handle that situation, especially when I was so nervous myself?” a recount on the website reads.

“Just one bad apple behind the wheel, and those women would not be safe at all. 3am in Boston is a candy store for predators.”

It reportedly took only ten minutes for Pelletz to contrive a business plan for Chariot For Women. But the idea has received some criticism, as it could be going against Massachusetts’ anti-discrimination laws, which restrict limitations of service based on gender.

Thoughts? Would you ride Chariot For Women?


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