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According to reports, the suspect who allegedly shot and killed former NFL player Will Smith didn’t know who he murdered until the day after the incident. Cardell Hayes, the man charged in the death of the New Orleans Saints player, and his defense lawyer John Fuller claim he was unaware the victim was Smith. Fuller said Hayes idolized Smith and was a huge fan. “To be accused of murdering one of your idols is earth shattering,” said Fuller. According to police, Hayes shot Smith after an argument ensued following a car accident. He faces a second-degree murder charge. Read more.

Poll: Most Millennials Do Not Support Reparations

A new poll conducted by Fusion Issues delved into how millennials perceive social justice issues relevant to race. In regards to reparations for African-Americans, the survey revealed that most millennials don’t think they’re necessary. Out of 1,045 adults polled, 62 percent believed the government shouldn’t issue reparations to Blacks for slavery, and only 32 percent said that African-Americans should be compensated. When incorporating race, gender, and political parties, the numbers shifted. The poll showed that 62 percent of Blacks and 40 percent of Latinos back reparations, compared to 21 percent of Whites. It also revealed that 61 percent of Democrats believe African-Americans deserve an apology for slavery, and 31 percent of Republicans believe it’s unnecessary. When it came to gender, 59 percent of women believed Blacks should be given an apology for slavery and 41 percent of men agreed. Millennials make up one-third of the adult population in the U.S. Read more.

John King Jr. Stresses the Importance of a ‘Well-Rounded’ Education

John King Jr., the nation’s new education secretary, is debunking the ideology surrounding the No Child Left Behind Act enacted when George Bush was president. The program focused primarily on math and reading skills for children, but King believes arts and sciences should be emphasized as well. “I hear frequently and passionately from educators and families who feel that key elements of what makes up a well-rounded education have been neglected in favor of too tight a focus on math and reading,” he said. “Sometimes, that’s because of constraints on resources, time and money. Often, teachers and administrators have told me, it’s because math and English language arts were focused on so intensely by some districts and schools under No Child Left Behind that other subjects were under attended to or even ignored.” King stressed that providing a well-rounded education for children is essential: “One of the things that made school such a safe and supportive and enjoyable learning environment for me was the education I got was a well-rounded education. I remain focused on that goal as we at the department seek to advance equity and excellence for the nation’s children.” Read more.


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