John Legend is the newest instructor on MasterClass as he shares his songwriting expertise. Read more about the class inside.

The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) launched their month-long initiative titled “HBCU Bound,” in celebration of high school graduates heading to HBCUs in conjunction with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s ongoing “College Signing Day” campaign. Read more details about the celebrities supporting this cause inside.

There is a massive book ban in public libraries across the US. The conversation regarding critical race theory began in 2020, concerning what students should learn in the classroom. Now, several states are completely cutting funding for books written by authors in specific communities. Read more inside.

Since Beyonce unofficially made it National HBCU Day — let's honor the greats.

Ain't no college like a Historically Black College!

This is way too dope. On Monday, April 2, Verizon Communications Inc. announced that it will invest an additional $200 million towards Verizon Innovative Learning, providing immersive next-gen technology, teacher training, STEM curricula and connectivity to under-resourced students across the United States. Even better is the fact that you can nominate a middle school you think needs […]

Houston teen Micheal Brown is out here being brilliant and what not. Twenty colleges across the country seem to think so. The 17-year-old got accepted with a full ride to all the institutions he applied for…plus $260,000 in additional scholarship offers. Shining. Out of the 20 colleges that accepted him, Micheal listed his top choices […]

Education is an extremely important part in achieving any dream you have in life, so it’s always nice to see celebrities take the time to highlight the importance of having billions as well as brains. T-Pain even opened a charter school named after one of the punch lines in his hit song “Can’t Believe It.” […]

Unfortunately, we live in a country that cares more about our right to bear arms than to properly educate our children. I mean, look who we have in charge of Education at the White House: At least we have the tools now to teach ourselves and our kids the things that make them a valuable […]

It’s pretty evident that the White House is on a downward spiral that’s going down fairly quickly. Being unprepared in interviews has sort of been their forte since 45 became Chief Of Staff. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos kept their reputation of being unready up to par when she sat down for an interview with […]

International author bridges cultural gaps with children's book series

Many folks are still living off the high of Black Panther, and it seems like the excitement won’t die down anytime soon. Teachers across the country are already hosting talks with their kids about the themes of the movie — whether it be afro-futurism, African history or media representation. One Chicago elementary school teacher, Tess […]