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John Legend Masterclass

Source: Courtesy of MasterClass / MasterClass

Grammy award-winning singer and actor John Legend is the newest instructor on MasterClass as he shares his songwriting expertise. The announcement comes on the heels of his forthcoming album Free. Read more about the class and watch the trailer below.

John Legend teaches songwriting on one of the premiere online education subscription platforms. His special 18-chapter MasterClass will provide an inside look on his song creation process from start to finish, allowing members to find their unique voice and learn how to write with purpose.

Legend focuses his class on seeking inspiration from emotions, intimate moments and the world around you to spark a movement through song while unpacking some of his biggest hits from his renowned discography including, “All of Me,” “Again” and his latest single, “Dope.” He also gives a behind the scenes look at the making of his Oscar-Award winning single “Glory” from the film Selma and shares what informed his writing from melodic structure, lyricism, vocal technique and more.

Some additional topics interested students can expect from Legend’s course include writing lyrics, developing your musical point-of-view, finishing your song and editing, and advice for aspiring songwriters.

Legend shares several gems in the MasterClass for aspiring songwriters and musicians.

“Your song is not done until it feels great,” Legend says in the class. “Be open to criticism, be open to doing revisions. And then it is ready for the world.”

Mr. Legend’s class is in session! Be sure to sign up to watch John Legend’s MasterClass here.

Watch the trailer below: