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It’s pretty cool when celebrities do “normal people” things that everyone can relate to. Because they’re worshipped for their talent, it can be hard for someone in the public eye to just cut away and enjoy life. Those moments might be few and far between (although if you’re on Twitter it might seem like a frequent occurrence) but when they happen, a small part inside of you smiles, knowing that you just might have something in common with a random superstar.

Tracy Morgan provided one of those moments when he uploaded a video of him playing air guitar to Prince’s “Sign O’ The Times.” The above video is the first of two that Tracy posted, with him absolutely losing his sh*t. He doesn’t look like a famous celebrity putting on for the camera. He looks just like everyone else. A person who’s a fan of someone who recently passed and is trying to keep that person’s spirit alive through their music. The second video is below.

Morgan talked about Prince’s impact in The Hollywood Reporter.

“Was he an influence? Absolutely!” Morgan said. “He was free. He came from the heart. He was talking about making love, he was a sexy man!” Morgan added that Prince’s music taught him “how to be gentle,” in addition to gifting him with some bedroom tips. “Because of [Prince], I once sucked a titty for an hour,” Morgan revealed. “At the end, it looked like a tater tot.”

For the record, that last part regarding a tater tot probably isn’t a good idea to try at home.

SOURCE: Complex, THR | VIDEO: Facebook

Farewell To An Icon: Remembering Legendary Singer Prince, 1958-2016
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