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Just when you thought President Obama couldn’t get any cooler, he’s making history even on his way out of the White House.

On Thursday, the POTUS became the first sitting commander-in-chief to appear on The Tonight Show. Obama opened the show, alongside host Jimmy Fallon, with the popular “Slow Jam the News” sketch, highlighting his eight years in office while Fallon added in some pop culture references (like calling Obama “Barack-y with the good hair”).

Having only 223 days left in his second term may not be the only thing causing Obama to break out his handkerchief to wipe away his tears. This week, the father of two will watch his eldest daughter, Malia, graduate from high school, telling Fallon, “I’ve got some sunglasses. (Her graduation will be) one more example of the president crying. I think (she) is very eager to get out of there.”

Obama’s appearance comes just a day after Hillary Clinton garnered his endorsement following being named the presumptive Democratic nominee on Wednesday. Of course, the president took the opportunity to address the circus that is the Republican party, saying, “The truth is I am worried about the Republican party. Democracy works, this country works when you have two parties that are serious and trying to solve problems. At the end of the day, you want a healthy two-party system.”

He added, “As a whole, my hope is that there’s some corrective action, and we start figuring out how to work together. My hope is that the Republican party steps back and reflects.”

Oh, Obama, how you will be missed. Check out President Obama’s history-making appearance above.


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