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Khloé Kardashian celebrated her 32nd birthday over the weekend, and many fans were surprised to see Blac Chyna made the guest list. While the mom-to-be and her fiancé Rob‘s wedding date is coming close and closer, her history with the Kardashian family has less than friendly, which is why seeing her bonding with her future sisters-in-law all over Instagram was more than a little surprising.

It is now being reported that Blac Chyna was originally not going to get an invite but that all changed when Rob gave her older sister an ultimatum.

HollywoodLife spoke with a family insider that said, “Rob and Khloé are as tight as a brother and sister could possibly be, but he wasn’t going to her birthday party unless Blac was coming.” The insider continued, “Khloé initially didn’t want Blac to attend because she still holds a grudge against her for attacking Kylie and believes her intentions with Rob are not on the up and up.”

Rob wasn’t going to let the past get between him and his fiancé, though.  “Rob hit Khloé with that reverse psychology, telling her that, if she’s all about family like she always proclaims, then she needs to respect Blac as part of the family, because in due time, she will be.”

Chyna filled up her Instagram with pics from the party, and while everyone was all smiles, the Kardashian family did need a bit of persuading.

In the end Rob got what he wanted, “Khloe budged and invited Blac,” the insider concluded.


SOURCE: HollywoodLife | PHOTO: Getty