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Beanie Sigel has made headlines this year for many things other than his musical talent.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Beans caused more drama for himself by condemning the LGBT community. He said, “Things are going too far. Even in the media and television, this homosexuality sh*t is at an all-time high…and it sickening to me. I shouldn’t have to explain to my son why two men is on primetime television kissing. Nothing positive or good comes out of that.”

Beanie’s comments come just after his now legendary interview with Taxstone, during which he spoke about his part in the Meek Mill vs. The Game beef, and much more. But Twitter didn’t have his back this time:

Out of all the days to publicly bash gay people, Beanie Sigel ironically chose #NationalComingOut day.

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty/Shareif Ziyadat

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