Cardi B was inspired to share her take on homosexuality after watching popular Netflix series, “Baby Reindeer.” Watch viral clip inside.

All the things we never knew about our second favorite day of the week.

It's a wrap for this film about two women who fell in love.

No matter how he rationalizes his "no homo" announcement, it's a bad look for one of the brightest young stars in Hollywood.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Beans caused more drama for himself by condemning the LGBT community.

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BadAzz doesn't have progressive views when it comes to homosexuality. He blames television's increasing presence of gay characters for influencing kids to be gay.

In a poignant essay posted to Tumblr on Tuesday (June 21), Frank Ocean broke his silence to address hate and violence in the LGBT community.

Tyga is in the middle of a media storm, as stories about his alleged relationship with transgender actress Mia Isabella continue to surface. There was a slight possibility this would’ve all went away when the next big story hit in a few days, but then Tyga confused us all when his rep claimed the pictures […]

A 20-month-old boy passed away Saturday morning after being thrown off a bridge by his mother six days prior to his death. The 19-year-old mother also jumped, in what was an attempted suicide, but managed to survive. [The Morning Call] Five people were shot and killed during a shooting in Switzerland late Saturday night. The […]

Hugh Jackman’s latest movie Chappie takes the number one spot at the box office this weekend in what was the lowest grossing week of the year so far. While Chappie pulled in around $13.4 million, it’s a big drop from director Neill Blomkamp’s last movie Elysium, which pulled in $37 million during its first week. […]


Blindsided by the furor his comments provoked on the Right and Left, neurosurgeon Ben Carson apologized Wednesday for saying that homosexuality is a choice. The possible 2016 Republican presidential candidate issued the apology in a Facebook post. He wrote that his word choice “does not reflect fully my heart on gay issues. I do not […]