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Donald Trump may be able to get away with his behavior with a few women, but children don’t lie.

During a speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Republican nominee noticed a little Black girl in the crowd whom he repeatedly said was “beautiful.” He immediately began pointing at her while summoning the 7-year-old’s parents to bring her to the stage. Before asking her to introduce herself, he told the crowd, “By the way, that is the most beautiful little girl. Hi honey. You want to come see me? She got all decked out for this evening.”

After the girl said hello to the audience, Trump kissed her once, then attempted to do it again. That’s when things got weird. The pretty in pink girl turned away from the business mogul, denying his kiss on the lips the second time around. In the midst of all the controversy surrounding Donald Trump and young women, it’s no wonder the little lady felt the need to give Trump a good ol “boy bye.”

Check out the clip above.

SOURCE: Mirror | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter 

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