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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Primary Election Rally In Alabama

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Donald Trump supporters are letting it be known that if the businessman doesn’t win the upcoming election, there will be hell to pay.

In a viral video making its rounds on the internet, an older man promises “rebellion” if Trump doesn’t win the presidency. He ranted, “We’re going to rebellion. We’re overthrowing this country. We’re getting rid of this clown act. It’s over.”

The angry old man went on to slam Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, saying, “Clinton, the Marxist, it’s over!” When asked if he was worried about the recent poll numbers, in which the Donald is slipping behind, the man replied, “No, I don’t care because we are going to take this country back no matter what. [Hillary] is going to prison, even if they pull off the fake campaign with all the voter fraud.”

This passionate Trump supporter is just one of many reasons why everyone should get out, head to the polls, and vote!


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