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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

An Uber ride becomes chaotic for one driver and his passenger in a recently released video.

In footage uploaded to LiveLeak, a belligerent passenger makes all sorts of threats to her driver who won’t take her to her destination. The video starts in the middle of their argument where the passenger tells the man driving her to “call the cops,” presumably insisting that only the cops can remove her from his car. A minute into the video, the man tells the passenger that they are at a train station and he demands that she gets out his car, but she refuses. He says to her, “I’m not moving. We’re gonna sit here. You’re still getting charged,” yet she still doesn’t budge.

After the driver tells the passenger many times that she’s “disrespecting” him, she continues to argue, threatening to spit in the drivers face and “violate” him and his car.

The passenger also claims that he hit her in the face and she later threatens, “I’m gonna start screaming out the window that you’re raping me, that you raped me.” She also tells the driver to “go back to your country” and warns that President Donald Trump will “send you and your family back.”

Finally, the woman leaves the vehicle, and the driver calls her a “stupid Bronx bi*ch” in the camera before apologizing for his language.

“People disrespect us, talk sh*t to us like it’s nothing, man,” the driver vents.

Uber is currently investigating the situation. You can watch the full video below.