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Along with rapping and acting, 50 Cent is known for his many ventures that help him bring home the bacon. He especially has his hands in the beverage department. Along with Vitamin Water, the rapper also had holdings with Effen Vodka. However, that’s all about to change for the hefty sum of $60 million.

Fifty sold his minority stakes in the Holland liquor brand. He began his partnership with the company back in 2014, even promoting the brand consistently on his social media and in his lyrics. But now the “Many Men” rapper is done with the liquor product and he reportedly ended his deals with them sometime last month. DJ Envy reported the news on The Breakfast Club on Monday, saying 50 allegedly sold his stake in the company for $60 million. You can check out the full conversation below.

Even 50 confirmed everything on Instagram. “I got the bag, EFFEN Vodka Can you say 60M’s since they like counting my money DO THE MATH. Lol,” he said.

It seems like it’s on to bigger and better things for the Power actor. With $60 mil in his pocket, I’m sure he’ll have options.