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Over the past five years or so, it seems as if Hollywood has left their innovative ideas behind in favor of 1990’s remakes. From television to film, reboots have taken over the industry. It’s very rare to see original content by big budget studios these days.

Just a few months after Lion King, Aladdin and Shaft made the box office look like the late 90’s again, reports surface that Issa Rae is set to produce and possibly star in a ‘Set It Off’ remake. According to the Hollywood Reporter, producing with her will be Montrel McKay, Rae’s partner at Issa Rae Productions. But are fans of the 1996 film here for a remake?

As we’ve seen with Lion King, some remakes actually do big numbers at the box office. But less face it, some movies definitely should have been left alone. Hit the flip to see which film remakes were a hit and which were sadly a miss.

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