The first born to megastar parents, Jay Z and Beyoncé, is a young songstress who has undeniably inherited a number of talents from them. The young superstar in the making has already proven herself to the music industry by receiving more awards than any other 9 year old we know. 

A new rework of the 1993 classic film Sister Act 2 comes in the form of a gospel medley that has the Internet buzzing. Producer Michael Korte released his latest viral sensation inspired by the film with a variety of creators from singer and viral TikTok sensation Coco Jones to artist Blimes. 

Over the past five years or so, it seems as if Hollywood has left their innovative ideas behind in favor of 1990’s remakes. From television to film, reboots have taken over the industry. It’s very rare to see original content by big budget studios these days. Just a few months after Lion King, Aladdin and […]

Fairy Tales are all the rage these days. It’s as they’re playing on the fact that millennials love Nostalgia. Over the past couple of years, live action remakes of our favorite DIsney tales have taken over the box office. Stories like Alice In Wonderland and The Jungle Book have been introduced to a whole new […]

Do you know what 'Jurassic Park' and 'The Goonies' have in common?

The light skin vs. dark skin jokes are totally played out — unless you’re referring to an animal or other non-Black human thing. When you think King of the jungle, you for sure think Darkskin lion with a powerful roar. Well, we’ve found the most light skinned acting lion ever and it’s the funniest thing […]

  Beyoncé sure knows how to keep her fans on their toes only to snatch their edges by announcing exciting news. On Wednesday, Disney revealed the full cast for its upcoming live version of the Lion King, and lo and behold, queen Bey has officially been confirmed to play Nala. She will be working alongside […]

    The late, great Robert Guillaume certainly left his mark on the world and the entertainment industry before passing away at the age of 89 on Tuesday. The award winning actor had groundbreaking roles like Benson to legendary roles like voicing Rafiki in the Lion King — but his role as superintendent Dr. Frank […]