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The Lion King remake hasn’t even officially hit theaters yet, and it’s already the biggest thing in film and music right now — and mostly thanks to Ms. Nahla herself,  Beyonce. No shade to the rest of the folks behind the groundbreaking film, but Bey turned an already iconic moment into that will be embedded in history forever.

The revolutionary soundtrack to the live action Disney film is just the icing on the cake, produced and curated by Bey. The Lion King: The Gift, A Love Letter To Africa, features new songs performed by multiple artists, and six of which are renowned Nigerian musicians.


That’s right. The Queen took it all the way there; all the way Black for this project, and we couldn’t be more proud.

It’s dope that so many Nigerian artists who’ve done so much over the years finally get their just due, on the international level. A moment this huge will certainly do a lot to help Afrobeats be fully crossover in America.

So who are these talented folks that not only got to work with the Queen, but got to be featured in one of the biggest films of the year? Hit the flip for the all the deets.

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