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Kim Kardashian put in work this Halloween debuting three stunning costumes, but one of them had the internet divided. The reality star did a spot on Aaliyah-inspired look and let’s just say not everyone was feeling it.

Some felt as though Kim, who has come under fire for cultural appropriation many times in the past, was out of line for dressing as a black women.

The backlash was apparently enough to force a statement out of Kim. In a posted via her personal website, she explains that she meant no harm by her costume.

“Aaliyah was such an amazing singer and she will forever be a music legend. I saw online that some people thought my costume was in poor taste and I am truly sorry if that offended anyone,” Kardashian wrote.

“When I was creating the costume, I wasn’t dressing up as a race or culture but rather as a woman whom I will always admire,” she continued. “I play every kind of genre of music in my home and I like for my kids to be exposed to many different artists.”


Kim makes a good point but then makes a misstep at the conclusion of her statement. “We don’t see color in my home. We were paying homage to people and artists we love and respect— it’s that simple!” Oh, Kimberly! *face palm*

Aside from her tone-deaf remark about “not seeing color,” do you think Kim’s Aaliyah costume was permissible or totally offensive?

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