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99 Jamz Uncensored Presents Cardi B

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While we all wait for Cardi B‘s next single to follow-up the jam of the summer “Bodak Yellow,” we’ve got some other content to patch up the Belcalis-shaped hole in our hearts. For the latest episode OF Noisey’s new series, “The People Vs,”  Cardi reads and responds to some negative and positive “Bodak Yellow” YouTube comments. As you can probably guess, the Bronx rapper isn’t very forgiving to the commenters leaving negativity under her video–and she’s very explicit with her wishes for the trolls and their lives.

The music video for “Bodak Yellow” has a whopping 350 Million views on Youtube, and 218,105 comments on top of that–so there was a lot of hate and love for Cardi to choose from. In the comments that she reads, there’s a couple people who confuse the songstress by comparing her looks to Dora The Explora, as well as some rare positive Youtube commenters showing love for the hit sensation of a song.

When met with some haters in the comment section, Cardi always has a crazy response on deck. She tells two different trolls some interesting come-backs like, “well, hopefully you learn to love your a*****e,” and  “how ’bout you drink a bottle of Clorox and die? Or how ’bout you f**k your mother while your stepfather watch?” Some verrrrrry Cardi B responses.

The moral of the story here: don’t comment hateration under Youtube videos, because you’ll have stars like Cardi B wishing terrible karma on you.


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