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Keaton Jones went viral after he talked about being bullied by his peers, but soon after, the internet accused his mother of being a money grubbing racist, and understandably, the Jones family supporters began to fly the coop.

Now, it turns out Keaton’s dad is a racist too. We’re not surprised (birds of a feather…), but man this story gets crazier by the day. Keaton’s dad, fittingly named Shawn White, has been locked up in a Tennessee jail since May 2015 for violating probation connected to a 2012 aggravated assault conviction, TMZ reports. But before they threw him in jail, he was an active Facebook user who posted tons of white supremacist propaganda.

White has “Pure Breed” tatted on his chest and “White Pride” tatted on his stomach. A few of his Facebook posts include memes that say “Aryan pride,” “Holy f*ck I love being white,” and “Keep Calm and be white pride.” It doesn’t end there. Click here for photos.

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