The two-day 'Power of Women Conversations Presented by Lifetime' summit has already spawned some incredible moments amongst some of the most influential women of our time.

When it comes to social issues, a farm in Centreville, Va. doest stray away from taboo subjects. Only a farm unapologetic about their beliefs can post a sign like “Resist White Supremacy.” This is exactly what Cox Farms on Braddock Road did. Usually, the family-owned business uses their message board to feature witty words and […]

Keaton Jones went viral after he talked about being bullied by his peers, but soon after, the internet accused his mother of being a money grubbing racist.

Pharrell had a lot to say on VH1’s most recent Hip Hop Honors. This year’s show honored the game changers of the 90s and Pharrell was set to introduce legendary music video director Hype Williams. However, Skateboard P took the time to call out an alarming issue — racism. “Everybody at home right now watching […]

Stacey Dash, Paris Dennard and Ben Carson are just a few Black people who have been accused of automatically taking Donald Trump‘s side over any person that speaks out against him — especially their own fellow Black people. Former baseball star Darryl Strawberry can also be added to that shady list after his recent comments […]

Kid Rock is set to open a new sports arena in a mostly Black Detroit area and some residents aren’t happy. According to Page Six, the rock singer was selected by Olympia Entertainment to open the new Little Caesars Arena next week. The venue will be home to the NHL’s Red Wings and the NBA’s […]

Social media isn’t the only way celebrities are speaking out about the recent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Rappers like Bun B took matters into his own hands and decided to confront a Donald Trump supporter face-to-face. On Wednesday, the rap legend addressed a White Supremacist after he allegedly gave Bun the middle finger. In the […]

If the last few years has taught us anything about the United States, it’s that it’s difficult to do normal, mundane tasks when you’re a person of color. Along with driving, playing, and going to the store, it’s almost unheard of to be a Black farmer these days. But people like Chris Newman, the owner […]

If World War III will be Whiteness vs. The World, America's days are numbered.


If you must, consider Generation KKK game tape for beginners in the coming culture war. If you're already informed on the topic, keep it moving. But don't discourage younger eyes and ears from exploring the world around them because of your own fear.


While Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has made a big deal out of blocking Syrian refugees from entering the United States out of fear of terrorism, the truth is that right-wing extremists are a much greater threat than terrorists linked to ISIS or similar organizations.


"A group of White supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights," Miski Noor, a media contact for Black Lives Matter told the Star Tribune.