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Mixed race artist sitting in studio

Source: LWA/Dann Tardif / Getty

With the end of February comes the end of Black History Month, but that doesn’t mean melanated brilliance should stop being celebrated.

#DrawingWhileBlack was a social media campaign that gained traction in September of 2017 and now it seems to be resurfacing just in time to close out Black History Month. The hashtag was started by agender college student Annabelle Hayford (@sparklyfawn), who wanted to start a movement that celebrated and brought more attention to Black artists.

“During the summer, I worked as an animation production intern at Warner Bros. through the Hanna-Barbera Reach Honorship,” Annabelle told Refinary21. “However, like a lot of Black artists, I didn’t really see my identity properly represented in the art world [due to] the lack of Black art or Black artists.”

Thus the hashtag was born. “It show[s] everyone that Black artists do exist,” Annabelle continued. “We just need the same recognition that our White counterparts [get] so this industry can be more accessible for everyone.”

Annabelle isn’t the only artist with a story to share. Swipe through to peep some more amazing work from #DrawingWhileBlack. You’ll find the stories to be diverse and quite inspiring!

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