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Another day, another dance challenge. The latest #ZoomChallenge is cute and fun, but some people are taking it overboard.

This challenge is courtesy of Lil Yachty’s song “Mickey” featuring Offset and ironically Lil Baby. It involves whisking away your toddler as soon as the rapper says the word “zoom”. Check below for a few examples.

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🤦🏾‍♀️😲 What in the plot twist concussion whiplash challenge hell 🤦🏾‍♀️😲So I pride myself on being the cool auntie but after watching several of these #zoomchallenge videos I quickly went from entertained to concerned…. short story long/long story short …. talk to your children about the dangers associated with this viral challenge …. this challenge needs to come with a helmet and damn seat belt ….hell get them to step up their #KikiChallenge routine game but this ain’t the move …… … All it takes is one wrong blow to the back of the head … i will say some were cautious with pillows and on beds but….. the likes are never worth the risk… it ain’t that serious…. Am I overreacting or nah? @kanika_nigist #frobabies #whatthehell #frobabiesmomma #YouKnowIGottaTellYaMamaRight #AuntieLovesYou #WhenTheCoolAuntieHasToSnitch #plottwist #thisisgonnahurtmemorethanithurtsyou 🎧 @lilyachty 🎼 @allhailniyah_ @makayla1469 @dynique_

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Someone is going to break their neck! Someone call an ambulance for that second baby.


Watch some more hilarious #ZoomChallenge videos below.

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