Snow said he’s been busting too many moves to keep up with the news. But he has some words of wisdom based on what he’s seeing around the way.

”Everybody be safe out there, because shit, the police is at it again. Other than that, family first. Put nothing before God. And if you a leader, be a leader. And if you a follower, be a leader, man. Because nowadays, peoples’ intentions from the gate is fucked up.

It ain’t like the old school days where they used to give you a chance. You stand no chance this go round. So to all my young people, ay mane, if gotdamnit it’s that bad, you can come talk to me. I do motivational speaking. I really ain’t nothing but something good to tell you. I don’t do no preaching.

I do occasionally speak at schools, prisons, about bullying, the self-control, life decisions. You one decision away from death and one decision away from spending your life in prison. Once you get that far, you gon’ wish you was dead. Doing time, ain’t nothing ever been fun about it.

They making the young folk think this the place to be, everybody here, I’ll be aight. Oh no, there’s a lot of shit that come with that.”

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