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Season three of FOX’s hit series STAR is getting more and more juicy every episode. Despite everything that’s going on collectively and individually with Star, Simone and Alex (a.k.a. Take 3), fans are still thirsting to know what’s next with their favorite couple, #DALEX (Derek and Alex). Viewers have fallen so deep for the couple that they’ve coined the term “DALEX Wednesdays” for when the show airs.


Now that the hot pair is back together, we’re all interested to see how the love affair will play out now that Alex’s career with Take3 has taken off and Derek is able to walk again, and has received his settlement money from the accident. Luckily, Quincy Brown, who plays Derrick, and Ryan Destiny, who plays Alex, are giving viewers some behind the scenes tea about their steamy on-relationship and what we can expect from our favorite primetime couple. Quincy revealed:

“I think where [DALEX] is at now, we’re understanding the bigger picture of things. The more and more things happen in life, you really have to focus on what’s important. I think that’s what their focus is this season — it’s to focus on the long term.

Ryan had pretty much the same sentiments about the future of her on-screen relationship:

“Derek and Alex have gone through alot. And no matter what, they love each other and they support each other. It’s just really cool to see them work things out. They’re trying to go through things together. “

A couple as in love and with as much time in as DALEX usually takes things to the next level after awhile. They’ve been through breakups, accidents, and much since they fell in love in season one. Literally, they started from the bottom and came up together — so why wouldn’t they make it official by putting a ring on it.

Could there be a DALEX proposal coming soon? Ryan says:

“I have heard about a proposal, possible. But you literally never know with this show.

Quincy added:

“A proposal, hmmm. Honestly, two people in love, why not? Why wouldn’t there be a fairy tale, happily ever after.”

Would you be here for a DALEX wedding?

“We deserve a Dalex wedding or engagement by the end of the season!!!” – @PettyByDemand

“All Dalex fans need to see Derek and Alex get engaged and have a wedding”- @KourtneyScott_

Maybe we’ll all get our wish for Derek and Alex to walk down the aisle before the season is over. Guess we’ll have to tune in to find out. Catch STAR ever Wednesday at 9pm EST on FOX.

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