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Kanye West praying

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Some things required a lot of prayer this week, and we’ll let you know what resulted in an L and what resulted in a miraculous win. Check out the losers for this week below, then hit the next page for the W!


1. Kanye West’s $50 church socks 

So these socks cost $50.


A sock labeled “Church” costs $50. A sock labeled “Jesus” costs FIFTY DOLLARS.

This past weekend, Kanye West performed at Coachella for his Sunday Service, which he would usually hold regularly for family and friends in the past. However, he decided to share the gospel-fused experience with Coachella, complete with a gospel choir, a sermon by DMX, and performances of Kanye hits like “Jesus Walks.” The whole event took place atop a man-made hill and everyone from Chance the Rapper to Donald Glover attended, according to TMZ.

Now Kanye is already on thin ice for many of his fans, considering his MAGA love. But if the man wants to have a spiritual experience atop a grassy mountain with beige-tastic clothing, who’s to stop him?

The issues came when Kanye was selling merchandise on site and the price tags were more than questionable.

Kanye sold sweatshirts for $225, but considering his ideas about high fashion, this pricing might be SLIGHTLY comprehensible in a fashionista’s view.

But when he charged $50 for socks…socks you walk in, socks that are sometimes covered up by jeans, he was completely and utterly tripping.

And then, they have the nerve to have religious text on them, having me feel like I should pay $50 for Jesus when Jesus should be free…

Or at least at an affordable price if you’re someone who puts money in religion.

Twitter wasn’t haven’t it.


No thanks Kanye.

Moving on.

2. Avengers: Endgame spoilers


I’ll make this one quick, since any utterance of an Endgame storyline could cause a riot.

Endgame has arrived and we’ll finally learn the fate of the Avengers and the powerful Thanos. With the movie being hailed as a big rap-up for all 22 Marvel Universe movies, this is arguably the biggest flick of the year.


Spend one second on social media and you risk catching all the important stuff that will go down in history. This week, folks have been dodging spoilers left and right and they unleashed their grievances online.


Things got pretty violent.


But of course, folks who already saw the movie HAD to have jokes…to the point that “Endgame spoiler without context” tweets started trending to poke fun at Endgame deprived people.


No shame.

Get to the theaters before it’s too late.

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