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Quinta Brunson

Source: iOne Digital / iOne Digital/Creative Class

Name: Quinta Brunson

Occupation: Writer/Producer/Actor

Location: Los Angeles

How We Know Her: The Buzzfeed alum has gone from skit to sketch, bringing the funny along for the haul.

Why We Chose Her:  She co-stars/writes/produces on the other brown show on HBO,  A Black Lady Sketch Show.

What’s Next: Quinta is reaping the fruit of her labor. She’s got  deals bustling all over tinseltown.

IG: @quintab

It’s one thing to be funny — but to be quick-witted, clever and creative makes you a true talent. . Quinta Brunson is the total package. The Philadelphia native first caught our attention with her hilarious and oh-so relatable 2014 Buzzfeed series Girl Who Has Never Been on a Nice Date.

Ever since then, the 29-year old viral star has made it her business to make the world laugh with her sarcastic, dry humor and relatable story telling, making her followers and fans feel as if she’s less like the traditional comedian, and more like our hilarious home girl.


But has she cracked the code on how to make any video go viral? In a 2017 interview with The Caret, Quinta said:

I actually think it boils down to a principle I learned in college in an advertising class. Basically, to make a successful commercial, there are these different emotional strings you can pull—empathy, shock, vulnerability, etc.

The same is true for a viral video. You need to make people feel something. What’s the human connection? What will it evoke?

Following the success of her Buzzfeed series, Quinta has made some major moves. On top of starring, writing on the HBO sketch comedy series A Black Lady Sketch Show, she co-produced a pilot with Larry Wilmore and Jermaine Fowler which is currently in development at CBS. It doesn’t get more cool and creative than young, Black women forging a lane for themselves; and for that reason alone, it looks as though Quinta Brunson will be around for a very long time.

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