3. That time T.I. said he doesn’t want a woman to be president. 

T.I. 925 Scales restaurant ribbon cutting

Source: Getty Images / Getty

In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, he said:

“Not to be sexist but, I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman. Just because, every other position that exists, I think a woman could do well. But the president? It’s kinda like, I just know that women make rash decisions emotionally. They make very permanent, cemented decisions – and then later, it’s kind of like it didn’t happen, or they didn’t mean for it to happen. And I sure would hate to just set off a nuke. [Other world leaders won’t be able to negotiate] foreign policy; the world ain’t ready yet. I think you might be able to the Lochness Monster elected before you could [get a woman elected].”

Eventually, T.I. apologized for his comments, but considering he said ALL THAT and considering the double standard he holds for his daughters vs. his sons, it’s doubtfully that Tip has changed much over the years.

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