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Fresh off releasing her new single “Whatchusay,” Sevyn Streeter is back with the visual. Spoiler: Sevyn looks TF GOOD.

Due to release her next project Drunken Wordz, Sober Thoughtz in 2020, the beauty tells Global Grind there’s power and freedom in being an independent artist and after learning so much in business — and in love — she’s excited for the new place she’s in. Get into Sevyn’s new video and our chat below.

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On The Biggest Difference Now That She’s Independent

“The money! The bag! To be all the way honest,” Sevyn tells Global Grind, adding “I’ve always been involved in my career creatively. I write my own songs, I’ll create a treatment, I know how I want to dress — the creative side has been amazing. But I’m older, I’m in a different space in my life and ownership was a really, really, really big deal to me. Especially when I was talking with my team about setting up my life for the rest of my life. I wanted to own my sh*t. Now I’m in control creatively and I own my records. It’s just a different type of power. It feels good. That, for me, that’s the main thing — now I feel like I have the whole pie and not just a slice of it.”

On What Brought Her To The New Unapologetic Place That She’s In

“Just life and experiences. You get your heart broken a couple of times, you can’t do nothing but learn from it at some point. For me, it shifted from complaining about ‘what this guy did’ to ‘I’m a grown woman now, so let’s handle it accordingly.’ Let’s deal with it how we deal with it; I don’t have time to cry over things anymore. So when you step into that space in your life, you leave the place of ‘this happened to me’ and you start to react to things in a different way. For me, that all kind of got thrown into my music. It just shifted and there are all kinds of reasons for it… leaving a major label, becoming independent and owning my things, going through a couple of breakups, and finally getting to the place of: I’m not getting into anymore relationships until the sh*t feels all the way right and I’m sure. All of these things got poured into my music. It’s a different type of confidence and a different type of talk.”

On Her Favorite Part Of Recording The Album

“Not having anybody tell me what to do for the first time. I’ve had great teams and success in the past. I’ve loved those records and I’ve loved that part of my life, but it’s different when you can be in a space where you don’t really know what it is that you want, but you have the space to figure it out. You have the room to explore and mess up. If I wanna f*ck up it’s on my own dime and on my own time. Nobody can chastise me for doing it wrong and nobody can take the credit when it’s done right. There’s a different type of freedom in that.”

On Writing For The Stars Vs. Writing For Her Own Projects

“Writing for others, it’s more delicate because I never want to give somebody a song that they can’t really feel or relate to. Whether they’re involved in the process while I’m creating it or not, I just like to know where they are in their lives because I know that I get my best records when I speak about where I am in my life. I want the same for them… and I want them to know that they can trust me with their stories. That’s important for me. When I’m writing for myself, I make the whole room take shots ’cause I want everybody to be loose and free and I don’t want to overthink things. If it takes a little too long to complete a verse or find a melody, we’re moving on to the next. I don’t like to overthink in my sessions. My sessions are a lot more loose (laughs), to say the least.”

On What Inspired “Whatchusay”

“In relationships, there are situations where we’ve held people down and the second that they come up, they split out. I had a cousin who recently went through that and at the time when I wrote the song, I was definitely going through that. And I just was like ‘F*ck it. I’ma just be honest.’ I was angry, I was honest, I was hurt… sometimes when you’re hurt, your honesty comes out in kind of an angry type of way. You can’t really control your emotions and really ‘Whatchusay’ was me doing a double take. Like, ‘Did you really just do that to me?’ Or, ‘Did this really just happen?’ Or, ‘Do people really just have the audacity to not do right by the people who do right by them?’ And that’s really what that record was about and I meant that from my gut.”

On Some Of The Other Artists She’s Currently Excited For

“I think Teyana is amazing, I think Summer is amazing, I think Jhene’s ‘Triggered’ is amazing… I can go on and on. Kash Doll and her new project, Trina’s project. I heard Jacquees’ project when I was in Atlanta. Dave East got a new project that’s coming out. I just genuinely be excited for artists because people don’t understand what we go through creating these projects, bruh. It’s not something that happens overnight. It’s not something that we take lightly. We really be in the lab trying to pour our souls on to these records. So, when I see artists like the ones that I just named and I see how connected they are to their music and how passionate they are about their visuals, I get excited. It puts a battery in my back. I be like ‘Let’s go, right now!’ It’s go season because everybody is going so hard and I think it’s going to be an amazing 2020 for Black music period.”