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Steven Spielberg‘s Amazing Stories is getting the anthology reboot treatment thirty five years after the original came out. Hitting Apple+ on March 6, the television show will follow “five unique stories” that “transport everyday characters into worlds of wonder, possibility and imagination” PEOPLE writes.

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Amazing Stories stars Victoria Pedretti (You), Kailyn Gainer (Atlanta), Josh Holloway (LOST), and more. Check out the trailer above and let us know if you’ll be tuning in.

Daniel Radcliffe is starring in a new film, Escape From Pretoria. Based on a real-life prison story, the Harry Potter actor is joined by co-stars Daniel Webber andMark Leonard Winter in the tale of freedom fighters Tim Jenkin and Stephen Lee.

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“Based on an extraordinary true story, Escape From Pretoria follows Jenkin and Lee, two white South African twenty-somethings who were branded ‘terrorists’ and imprisoned in 1978 for their involvement in covert anti-apartheid operations for the ANC (African National Congress),” a synopsis courtesy of Just Jared reads.  “Incarcerated in Pretoria Maximum Security Prison, Jenkin and Lee – joined by a fellow inmate – decide to send the regime a clear message and escape. After months of meticulous surveillance, breath-taking ingenuity, and in a race against time as the authorities strengthen the prison security defenses, the group craft wooden keys for each of the ten steel doors between them and freedom.”

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