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To say that ish is real is an understatement. It feels as though more has happened in the last few months than we’ve experienced in all of the 2010s. On the micro and macro scale, the energy just feels strange and chaotic. We started out the new decade with a great loss as Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and more families passed away in a helicopter accident. Then we were shocked by the surprising news of Pop Smoke’s death.

The 2020 Presidential Elections have been nothing short of a circus. Oh, and let’s not forget the threat of a World War III. But the greatest pandemic to shake the entire planet to its core is the spread COVID-19, aka the Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus reportedly began at a market in the city of Wuhan, China and is said to be identical to the strand found in bats.The virus has spread so quickly around the world the entire nations are shutting down and having citizens quarantine inside their homes for weeks. The number of reports of positive tests has gone from a few thousand on Sunday to more than 13,000 as more people are infected and more people with Covid-19 find out through testing they have the disease.

Staying inside is the safest bet. But that also means that our everyday living will be greatly effected. It’s the first week of Spring, which means naturally, folks are itching to get outside.

But unfortunately, we have to wait this one out, indefinitely. If you’re like us, you’re totally over being quarantined in your home. Apparently, the folks below feel us too.


Relatable AF:

Quarantine Day 4 got us feeling like:

After Socially Isolating for weeks:

We’ll all be hype when this is over:

On the bright side, we’re all in this together.