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Tiger King, Joe Exotic

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Courtesy of Netflix

Joe Exotic has the world side-eyeing him and his archnemesis Carole Baskin, after Netflix dedicated an entire series to their insanity.

Joe is currently in prison after he was found guilty of violating the Endangered Species Act, attempting to murder Baskin, and more — and now, new reports say, the facility he’s in boasts the second highest coronavirus rate in the entire prison system.

“The ‘Tiger King’ star has been locked up at FMC Forth Worth in Texas, and as of Tuesday … there was a total of 298 confirmed COVID-19 cases among inmates, making it number 2 behind a federal CA facility at 570 inmate cases,” TMZ reports, adding “The Federal Bureau of Prisons has assured us they’re going above and beyond for their prisoners, staff and visitors alike at Joe’s facility to keep them safe and healthy.”

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According to the site, Joe is currently coronavirus-free. The Federal Bureau of Prisons also tells the site “there’s a comprehensive action plan in place at all of their institutions — which includes reducing inmate transfers, increasing screening and testing, minimizing unnecessary movement on the inside and temporarily canceling social and legal visits, not to mention training for BOP employees. They will also do regular temperature checks.”

They’ve reportedly made sure there are surgical masks for all prisoners and staffers. “BOP says it has things under control — so far fewer than 5 deaths at the Fort Worth facility … but with nearly 300 cases, it’s gotta be viewed as a full-fledged outbreak,” TMZ goes on to say.

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In case you missed it, a new Tiger King sequel is on its way and it’ll focus on the whereabouts of Carole Baskin’s missing husband.

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