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Singer and actor Omarion turned 36 years young today and he continues to age like fine wine. Omarion has been performing since the age of five and quickly became a teen sensation with the all boy band B2K. The singer has given us hit records from B2K’s “Uh Huh” to his solo career with songs like “Touch” and “Ice Box.” Aside from the music, Omarion has starred in notable films like Fat Albert and You Got Served. Since then, he has become a father of two beautiful children, Omega and A’mei, with ex-wife Apryl Jones.

It appears to be a balancing act between his career as a singer and actor to being a father. It is a wonder how Omarion keeps his youthful look. To celebrate his birthday, here are a few of Omarion’s keys to a youthful, healthy and prosperous life.

1. Continue To Do The Things You Love 

Omarion recently released his latest album The Kinection. It’s been two years since the singer released music. The last project was a mixtape hosted by Don Cannon entitled Care Package 2 and 3. He shared a special moment with his mom and nana driving passed a billboard of The Kinection’s album cover off Slauson in Los Angeles. So adorable.

2. Keep The Family Close

Omarion always seems to put his family first. He launched “Storytime with Daddy O” with Essence this August as children were headed back to school.

He always remains loyal to his family and friends despite the circumstances. Omarion is so loyal to his family that his ex-wife Apryl believes he put his mom over his relationship with her and his children. The conflict led to their breakup and eventually Apryl dating his old group mate Fizz. Omarion kept it super cute and classy when speaking on Apryl and Fizz’s relationship placing the primary focus on his beautiful family.

When you drink water and mind your family business, you too can look and feel as youthful as Omarion. Fans can see Daddy O with his children regularly, tending to his mom and nana and spending quality time with his brother ORyan.

3. Become One With Nature 

Omarion is not one to shy away from sharing his spiritual journey and path to enlightenment with fans on social media. He often speaks about healing, meditation and all that nature has to offer to the body, mind and spirit.

He is sure to involve his entire family in his meditation practices. Here is a video of his tribe sun gazing and centering themselves on Earth Day.

4. Remain Patient & Become A Master Of Your Time

Mr. O always drops a gem or two on his socials. He recently discussed the two most powerful warriors being patience and time advising his fan base to master their time. The reason he’s been able to have longevity in his career and life is by abiding by these two elements of life. Omarion assures his fans that he will be here until infinity.

5. Stay Active 

Omarion is an overall performer and entertainer giving you vocals and dance moves. We know this to be true from his viral dance moves from the “Touch” video choreographed by him and choreographer Danielle Polanco.

Not much has changed with the 36 year old’s ability to move. He continues to dance into our hearts each day. Omarion has even included his son Omega in the action. Catch the two performing their daily ritual in this father and son dance-off.

Omarion shares his wisdom with the timeline day to day so there is no need to wonder how he keeps his youthful appearance after 36 years. He is sure to cherish all of his gifts to “move in the world with an effortless grace.” The keys are simple when you value your passions, loyalty, and time. Everyone could learn a thing or two from the all star entertainer.

Happy Birthday, Omarion! Cheers to staying fine and aging gracefully. Be sure to check out his latest album The Kinection out now.