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Selena: The Series

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After J. Lo‘s incredible retelling of Selena Quintanilla‘s life story in the 1997 film, fans of the late Tejano star were skeptical about Netflix giving Selena the series treatment.

The streaming service announced Christian Serratos in the lead role. Ricardo Chavira, Seidy Lopez, Noemí González, and Gabriel Chavarria play Selena’s dad Abraham, mom Marcella, sister Suzette, and brother A.B., respectively. Stars may recognize Seidy from the original movie, as she played one of Selena’s friends back in the day. Also worth noting: Jesse Posey takes on the coveted role of Selena’s love interest, Chris Pérez.

On Friday, the much-debated series officially hit Netflix, quickly going no. 1 on the company’s ‘Top 10 in the U.S.’ list. The show does a great job of diving into the family dynamic, portraying Selena’s father as the persevering head of household and the spark that ignited each of his kids’ passions and abilities. The Quintanilla family’s financial woes are explored extensively and we learn a lot about Selena’s siblings, two key differences fans will spot when tuning in. The series is a deep dive and Selena’s murder is not even covered in the Part 1, which suggests Netflix will continue to unveil the family’s history piece by piece, leading up to the day of her untimely death.

While everyone may be watching, fans do have some criticisms. After watching Part 1, it seems viewers either love or hate the series. See what Selena fans had to say below and be warned, they don’t hold back.

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Fans simply feel it doesn’t measure up to Jennifer Lopez’s portrayal.

They’ve insisted Selena, herself, would be unhappy.

There was a lot of discussion surrounding Christian’s “Eurocentric” look.

Especially because there are a ton of other talented young people that could have been cast in the role, who actually look like Selena.

Fans also took issue with the lip syncing.

And with what they felt were bad quality wigs.

But many felt showrunners got Selena’s style right, at least.

And, for those who thought the series should be in Spanish, one fan argued the Quintanilla family was, in fact, very Americanized.

For those who feel the series got Selena’s hair wrong, this fan pulled out receipts.

But overall, it seems many think Netflix’s version is mediocre at best.

And the J. Lo comparisons are all over the timeline.

What are your thoughts? Chime in.


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