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Today is a big day for one of our favorite icons — Issa Rae.

The Insecure actress, producer, and writer turns 36 years old, and even though it’s supposed to be her day, she’s spending it giving back to all those who look up to her. In a clip posted to her official social media accounts, Issa announced a MasterClass in “creating outside the lines” and DIY’ing yourself into Hollywood.

“I’m so excited to share my @MasterClass with you all! I’m going to teach you everything I know about how I DIY’ed myself into Hollywood. I’ll teach you about how I build characters who look and feel like the people around me. We’re going to talk about finding your voice and your story; we’re going to talk pilot writing; we’re going to talk about how to build and grow with other creative people,” Issa captioned the clip. “It doesn’t matter if you want to create a web series or a TV show or just a trend-setting dance move. If you feel like you only have one shot, you’re playing the game wrong. I hope you join me! Link in bio.”

Via press release, Issa adds “A lot of people enter the industry thinking their ideas have to be perfect and fit into a specific kind of box, but that’s never been part of my process. In my MasterClass, I want to tell you everything that I’ve gone through, every mistake that I’ve made and everything that I’ve learned so far, so that you can do better than I did. If you have a desire to create, this class is for you.”

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“Issa is one of the most celebrated creators in recent history because of her authenticity and unflinching boldness when it comes to storytelling,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass, via press release. “Her MasterClass at its core is about inspiring action and not being discouraged by roadblocks. Our members will walk away feeling motivated and ready to act on the ideas and stories that have been brewing within them.”

Check out her announcement clip up top and sign up to take her class here if you’re interested! Happy Birthday, Issa!