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Twitter has become a great source for information, countless memes and extremely random facts. While doing some daily social media browsing, we came across this gem about the all-star Williams’ sisters. Today’s random fact is Venus Williams designed Serena’s home so beautifully, and Venus has been invested in the interior design industry since 2002.

Sister goals, for sure! One of the world’s greatest tennis players proves her skills on and off the court. Venus Williams decked out Serena’s home with a myriad of hanging lights, which are all a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to match the regal feel of the home. The bathroom appears serene and peaceful with an open floor plan, stand alone bathtub and gold accents to accentuate a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The kitchen space is clean and minimal featuring similar gold accents that can be found around the rest of the home. The best part is this little nook that appears to be dedicated to Serena and her family’s love for music and karaoke with a neon light that says, “Serenade.”

Absolutely gorgeous! Twitter user and interior designer, @CimonAlisaInt, shares a thread with more photos from the exterior of the home that is carefully designed by Venus Williams as well.

A gorgeous home that we are sure the Williams sisters retreat to after a hard day of training and being bad a** women in sports.

The best part about this Twitter thread was discovering Venus established her interior design firm, V Starr Design, in 2002. It is a rare occurrence to see Black women in the interior design and architecture space, so it is important to uplift companies like Venus’.

Check out the full tour of Serena’s newly designed home thanks to V Starr Design on Instagram.

Architectural Digest featured Serena’s home in this special tour where she speaks to her living room that doubles as an art gallery and having functional spaces for play and relaxation. The video features more swanky light fixtures and small details that you may miss in the short Twitter thread. It is stunning and the tennis star has been working on this home project with her sister Venus for quite some time.

The two actually a design class at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale on March 05, 2000 in Florida. Both sisters are pictured here going to work on what appears to be a few fashion designs. Venus and Serena Williams have always had interests off the court, and their creativity has certainly blossomed in their other endeavors over the years.

Serena and Venus Williams in Class at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

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