Atlanta's Illuminarium offers out of this world experience with SPACE: A Journey To The Moon & Beyond.

Lil Uzi Vert celebrated his birthday Saturday, July 31. His girlfriend JT honored him this weekend with an adorable photo dump of their best memories together and a custom Cadillac. The Philly born artist is out of this world celebrating life with love, space and new discoveries. 

While doing some daily social media browsing, we came across this gem about the all-star Williams' sisters. Today's random fact is Venus Williams designed Serena's home so beautifully, and Venus has been invested in the interior design industry since 2002.

Victor Glover became the first Black astronaut to serve as a crew member at the station on Sunday (Nov. 15) when he boarded a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule named Resilience and rocketed up to the International's Space Station. 

Damien Chazelle reveals why he added Gil Scott-Heron's Whitey On The Moon into First Man.

We’re embarking on a whole new era as a planet. According to NASA, for the first time ever, “scientist at LIGO have directly detected gravitational waves and light from a huge collision of neutron stars. Astronomers were able to observe this spectacular event from virtually every time of energy and wavelength.  But what does this […]

So, this happened. A woman in California has been charged with 21 felony counts of insurance fraud and workers’ compensation fraud after she used injury photos from the internet to claim she was severely burned from McDonalds coffee. The woman claimed that she had a cup of coffee with an unsecured lid that led to a spill […]

NASA’s commercial spaceflight system suffered its first explosion after a supply rocket burst into flames Tuesday evening. The rocket exploded moments after lift-off. No one was hurt, but the damages could be a big blow for NASA’s current efforts with U.S. private companies to launch commercial rockets. An unmanned commercial supply rocket bound for the International […]