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Lil Uzi Vert celebrated his birthday Saturday, July 31. His girlfriend JT honored him this weekend with an adorable photo dump of their best memories together and a custom Cadillac. The Philly born artist is out of this world celebrating life with love, space and new discoveries.

The rapper just realized he’s a year younger than he thought after he professed to Twitter that his mom found his actual birth certificate, which clarified the rapper is actually 26-years-old instead of 27 years of age.

Aside from discovering his actual birthdate, Lil Uzi Vert has been busy purchasing his own planet. He made headlines recently when he claimed to be in the process of buying a planet in outer space. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s girlfriend, musician Grimes posted a photograph of the planet, which is named “WASP-127b.”

She captioned the photo, “apparently’ the artist  ‘owns this planet’.”

Uzi later responded that he tried to “surprise everyone” and that he was still working on acquiring the planet. Grimes then tweeted that Lil Uzi Vert had completed the documentation for legally owning Wasp-127b. She wrote, “this is huge. first human to legally own a planet.”

Lil Uzi just keeps getting flyer as the years pass us by. Next thing you know, Uzi will be flying to his own private planet with his girlfriend JT. Let’s celebrate the rapper with his most adorable moments.

1. Uzi & JT In Love


Look how happy he looks with JT. We love, love! 

2. Out Of This World


Uzi making his space dreams a reality. 

3. Say Cheese


How adorable? 

4. Cheers Uzi!


It’s the leg up pose for us. 



We can’t get enough of them. 

6. Young Uzi


He’s always been unapologetically himself, smiling and so joyful. We love to see it! 

7. Strong Peace Sign


How stinkin’ cute! Wishing Uzi a very Happy 26th year of life! Keep living.