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Lil Uzi Vert is advising fans on knife safety after he accidentally stabbed himself in the face.

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Source: Prince Williams / Getty

It all started when Uzi shared a short video on Twitter, showing off the painful gash that lays just over his mouth. “I need some chapstick,” he wrote in the caption along with some emojis. 

Unsurprisingly, once he posted this video, fans were concerned with what happened and whether or not he’s done anything to treat the deep cut on top of his lip. That’s when the rapper revealed that he suffered the injury while he was in the process of popping open a zip tie with a knife when the injury occurred. He also addressed one fan who recommended that the star get stitches.

“Don’t open stuff up with a knife,” he told fans, revealed how he ended up getting cut. “It’s not safe.”

He went on to explain in more detail, tweeting, “I was pulling the knife back on a zip tie and stab my face … I just missed my lip.”

To fellow artist, Grimes, suggesting Lil Uzi get stitches, he asked, “you think it’s that deep?” She later added that super glue might work in place of going to the actual doctor’s office or emergency room, to which he simply replied, “Kk.”