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Los Angeles Premiere of "Green Lantern

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Prior to Ryan Reynolds work with Marvel starring in Deadpool, he once appeared on the other side of comic film in a DC Comics-inspired Green Lantern. People regard the film as one of the all-time worst superhero movies ever made, and it makes sense why Reynolds has never seen it until this St. Patrick’s Day. Assuming the quarantine boredom struck a little harder, the actor took to Twitter to announce he would celebrate the luck of the Irish by watching Green Lantern for the very first time while sharing his impressions on Twitter with a trusty bottle of his Aviation gin.

Reynolds made festive, specialty green cocktails for the occasion and allowed fans in on his eye opening experience live and in action.

If you have seen Reynolds in previous roles like Deadpool, he seems pretty open to making fun of himself, even if it is somewhat painful to watch. Reynolds, who met wife Blake Lively after co-starring in the film, takes fans on an eventful journey into his viewing experience. Prepare for his reckless, NSFW Green Lantern viewing experience as we share a thread of his Tweets from March 17.

How Ryan Reynolds starred in a movie he only read his parts for explains why the film has the worst rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Didn’t expect to talk childhood traumas, Disney, or tragedy but here we are.

At least, he met his wife Blake Lively, playing Carol Ferris in the movie. That’s the true beauty behind such a terribly rated film. Also, we must never forget the queen that is Angela Bassett, who portrays Amanda Waller in the film.

No, Ryan but tell us more about invisible space energy.

The film was made in 2011, which was about ten years ago so obviously the film industry has advanced but we didn’t realize CGI was so poorly done at this time or maybe it was just Green Lantern. 

Imagine spending 6 hours each day for a film to flop. We wonder how Peter Sarsgaard feels about all of this.

Reynolds even had a poll in the midst of his gin-filled Twitter rant asking who elevated the movie most. The votes are in and of course Bassett came in strong with 40.1%.

Reynolds goes on and on as he watches the 2 hours and 3 minutes film. It is safe to assume he understands why the movie didn’t do well, but surely the gin and festivities of the holiday helped ease the pain.

Have you seen Green Lantern? Share your thoughts on the film and Ryan Reynolds performance in the comments.