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Good news, Styling Hollywood fans: Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis are expecting their first child together!

Jason and Adair first stole our hearts when they put their professional and personal lives on full display in the Netflix reality show. The series, which launched in 2019, follows Jason (stylist) and Adair (interior designer) as they assist celebrity clients through their business, JSN Studio. While they married in 2012, Jason seemed a little hesitant when it came to having kids — and that fact caused a ton of tension throughout Styling Hollywood’s first season.

But now, according to a new interview, they’ve not only decided to have kids, they actually have one on the way via surrogate.

“The journey to starting our family has been a long one,” Adair tells People. “Even before it was documented on Styling Hollywood, starting a family was always at the forefront of our minds and in our plans. We explored adoption with multiple agencies before feeling like surrogacy was the right way to go for us.” “It still feels like we’re dreaming,” he continues, “but the day we get to meet our baby is on the horizon — and we’re thrilled!”

Jason seems to be bracing himself for more responsibility. He tells the site, “On one hand, we’re having a baby at a time when we’re busier than ever in our careers. They say there’s never a perfect time to start a family, though, so we’re taking it in stride.”

They go on to say they’ve been talking to friends about what to expect. Check out their full interview here. Congrats!