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Lovecraft Country assets

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Fans are trying to understand how a show could be cancelled after receiving 18 Emmy nominations in its first season. News broke in early July that HBO’s Lovecraft Country has been cancelled by the network. Though this is heartbreaking for fans of the series, show runner Misha Green teased future plans for the show in lieu of the series commendable accolades.

“Just going to leave this right here,” Green tweeted Tuesday alongside an image of a rough outline for season 2, which details plans for 10 more episodes and a section dedicated to “season three and beyond.”

Green also shared the show’s vision for season 2 with a fictional map of the United States, saying it would have been titled Lovecraft Country: Supremacy. 

“[It] begins in a new world, and that new world is a country that sits where The United States used to sit,” the Underground creator tweeted, referencing the Sovereign States of America as she also shared a map of a divided United States, including new areas for “Tribal Nations of the West,” the “Whitelands,” the “New Negro Republic,” and the “Jefferson Commonwealth.”

Season 1 achieved countless reviews ahead of its 18 Emmy nominations. The show is up for Outstanding Drama Series, four acting nods and favorable recognition thanks to Green’s stellar writing.

Since the series cancellation, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Green, who is set to write and direct the upcoming Tomb Raider sequel, inked an overall deal with Apple, encouraging fans to call for Lovecraft Country’s continuation on Apple TV+ streaming service.

Fans are still in disbelief that the show, for now, is short-lived. Fans’ cries are swarming social media, and even more, now that the Emmy’s are praising the series and the talented people involved in the production. Even celebrities, like Questlove, express their disdain for the series cancellation on social media.

Seasoned actress Jurnee Smollett has received her first Emmy nomination for season 1. She expressed her gratitude and praised Green’s contributions to the show after hearing the refreshing news.

“I am in complete shock but feel incredibly humbled and am so grateful for this nomination!” she said. “I’m tremendously thankful that the show and my amazing cast members were recognized for our work and Misha Green’s fearless storytelling. I feel like I’m living my ancestors’ wildest dreams. It’s such an honor.”

Nonetheless, Black creators are finally receiving their just due in film and television. A record-breaking 38 Black actors have been nominated for Emmys this year and proud peers like actress and producer Viola Davis is spreading the love on social media.

Congrats to all of the talent being seen, heard and felt this year!